An open and neutral set of Bash scripts for handling LTO (Linear Tape-Open) cartridges of generation 5, 6 and 7, formatted in LTFS, on the most current drives from HPE, IBM and Tandberg Data, on recent versions of macOS and Linux, including the Windows Subsystem for Linux. It supports either the vendors’ current LTFS implementations or the first draft of openLTFS.

The source code with its brew formula will be available on our GitHub repository, as soon as a beta will be released.

Table of Contents

Basic Scripts
  • listlto – List the available LTO desks.
  • selectlto – Select an LTO desk to use.
  • loadlto – Load an LTO cartridge into a desk.
  • formatlto – Format an LTO cartridge with LTFS.
  • mountlto – Mount an LTO cartridge which is loaded in a desk.
  • writelto – Write data from the computer memory onto a mounted LTO cartridge.
  • readlto – Read data from a mounted LTO cartridge into the computer memory.
  • ejectlto – Eject an LTO cartridge from a desk.

The set of basic scripts above may also be used for building more complex scripts such as the ones in the following two sections:

Intermediate Scripts
  • copylto – Copy one LTO cartridge to another LTO cartridge.
  • verifylto – Verify the integrity of an LTO cartridge.
  • searchlto
Advanced Scripts