Help Message

$ migratelto -h
  migratelto - Migrate one or more LTO cartridges from one generation to
  migratelto {-D [-I] [-N]} [-x] -d [-i] [-n] | -h
  -D  source desk
  -I  source cartridge identifier
  -N  source cartridge name
  -x  path to code to execute
  -d  destination desk
  -i  destination cartridge identifier
  -n  destination cartridge name
  -h  this help
See also:
  man openlto
  Version: 2018-06-16_beta
  Website: https://avpres.net/openLTO/migratelto/


An external script or program allows to modify the files en passant during the migration. Possibilities we have used so far include:

change the container
  • from MOV/ProRes 422 HQ to Matroska/ProRes 422 HQ
  • from MOV/ProRes 4444 to Matroska/ProRes 4444
change both the container and the video codec

stream-based content

  • from AVI/Y′CBCR 4:2:2 uncompressed to Matroska/FFV1
  • from MOV/Y′CBCR 4:2:2 uncompressed to Matroska/FFV1
  • from MP4/Y′CBCR 4:2:2 uncompressed to Matroska/FFV1

single-image-based content

  • from MXF/DPX to Matroska/FFV1
  • from folder/TIFF to Matroska/FFV1
  • from folder/DPX to Matroska/FFV1
  • from TAR/DPX to Matroska/FFV1
  • from ZIP/TIFF to Matroska/FFV1
modify metadata
replace MD5 checksums by SHA-1 checksums
delete files
eliminate the «.DS_Store» and «Desktop.ini» files present on the source cartrige

So far we have used mainly Bash and rarely Mathematica, C or Go to program the scripts for transcoding and/or transmuxing the data, modifying the metadata or deleting unwanted files, yet almost any language should work.