Create a BagIt archive

The Bash script make_bagit creates an archive of a folder, according to the BagIt File Packaging Format, as designed by the Library of Congress and standardised under RFC 8493. The program is part of Bash AVpres, released under a 3-Clause BSD License and provided “as is” without warranty or support of any kind.


A short help message is embedded into the script:

$ make_bagit -h
  make_bagit -b <input_folder>
  make_bagit -i <input_folder> -o <output_folder>
  make_bagit (-h|-x)
  -b  replace the input folder by its BagIt archive
  -i  input folder
  -o  BagIt archive folder
  -h  this help
  -x  advanced options with their default arguments
Default dependencies:
  gcp, md5deep
See also:
  man make_bagit
  Abstract: Make a BagIt archive of a folder, according to RFC 8493
  Version:  2020-08-01

The detailed manual page is installed together with the script (man make_bagit) and is available also as a PDF file.