Verify a frame MD5 checksum manifest

The Bash script verify_framemd5 verifies a frame MD5 checksum manifest of an AV file. The program is part of Bash AVpres, released under a 3-Clause BSD License and provided “as is” without warranty or support of any kind.


A short help message is embedded into the script:

$ verify_framemd5 -h
  verify_framemd5 -i <input_path> [-m <manifest_file>]
  verify_framemd5 -h | -x
  -i  input file for stream-based content or input folder with single images
  -m  manifest file (default is '<input_path>_framemd5.txt')
  -h  this help
  -x  advanced options with their default arguments
  ffmpeg and ffprobe
See also:
  man verify_framemd5
  Abstract: Verify a frame MD5 checksum manifest of an audio-visual file or
            single-image files in a folder
  Version:  2021-10-23

A detailed manual page is installed together with the script (man verify_framemd5) and is available also as a PDF file on this website.