Undo a BagIt archive

The Bash script undo_bagit undoes an archive folder created according to the BagIt File Packaging Format, as designed by the Library of Congress and standardised under RFC 8493. It undoes the action of the make_bagit command: it removes the checksum manifests and the informative files and moves the contents of the data directory up one level. The program is part of Bash AVpres, released under a 3-Clause BSD License and provided “as is” without warranty or support of any kind.


A short help message is embedded into the script:

$ undo_bagit -h
  undo_bagit (-i|-b) <input_folder>
  undo_bagit -h | -x
  -i  BagIt archive folder
  -b  is an alias of -i
  -h  this help
  -x  advanced options with their default arguments
See also:
  man undo_bagit
  Abstract: Undo a BagIt archive folder, as defined in RFC 8493
  Version:  2021-10-23

A detailed manual page is installed together with the script (man undo_bagit) and is available also as a PDF file on this website.