Manage FFCommand Engine Presets

The command allows to install, delete, list or print FFCommand Engine presets on macOS and Windows Terminal. In particular, the command can install both the preset of our own FFmpeg Cookbook for Archivists and AMIA’s ffmprovisr preset. Currently this command works on macOS and Windows Terminal only.

Note that the binaries of FFCommand Engine available on the GitHub website are version 0.51 for macOS and 0.5 for Windows, but the uncompiled code is of version 0.6. We have released a Homebrew formula which installs the version 0.6 on macOS. We plan to modify the formula to work also on the Windows Terminal and Subsystem for Linux. In addition, we plan to program a Makefile for Linux.


A short help message is embedded into the script:

$ ffengine_presets -h
  ffengine_presets -l | (-i|-d|-p) [<preset>]
  ffengine_presets -h | -x
  -l  list the installed presets
  -i  install 'AVpres', 'ffmprovisr' or any other preset
  -d  delete a preset
  -p  print a preset
  -h  this help
  -x  advanced options with their default arguments
  curl (only for 'AVpres' and 'ffmprovisr')
See also:
  man ffengine_presets
  Abstract: Install, delete, list or print 'FFCommand Engine' recipe presets
  Version:  2021-10-23

A detailed manual page is installed together with the script (man ffengine_presets) and is available also as a PDF file on this website.