The command language Bash was created by Brian Fox in 1989 and is maintained by Chet Ramey since 1990.

Reto Kromer started using Bash with version 1.01. This resource is one result of the training courses on Bash scripting for audio-visual archivists he is giving since 2017.

Bash Versions

This resource covers mainly GNU Bash version 4.4 (released on 2016-09-15), but we strongly recommend to use the current version 5.2 (released on 2022-09-26). However, many parts applies also to GNU Bash 3.2 (released on 2006-10-11) which – sadly – is still installed by Apple with today’s macOS. Note that we didn’t check any compatibility with versions older than 2.04 (released on 2000-03-21).